A brief tour of Trafficspaces

Sell advertising to more people easily through your own self-service ad storefront.

  1. Advertisers can get started in 3 easy steps.
  2. Display your ad zones and pricing transparently.
  3. You can even allow advertisers to bid in an auction.
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There's no need to update your stats manually. It's done automatically.

  1. Display up-to-date traffic charts to your advertisers
  2. Present a summary of your key metrics
    • impressions,
    • unique visitors,
    • average time spent etc.
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Help your advertisers create ads easily.

  1. Advertisers can upload their own ads or customize in-built templates
  2. Ad templates are great for getting them started. They just need to modify the logos and text.
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Help your advertisers reach their target audience accurately.

  1. Advertisers can target each ad to a highly specific group.
    Targeting options include
    • Geographic,
    • Demographic i.e. age, gender, etc,
    • Contextual
    • Interests
    • Jobs
    • Language
    • Day of Week
    • and lots more...
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Turn the media-buy into a familiar and enjoyable experience.

  1. Provide a shopping cart so that they can spread their budget across multiple ad zones. They can even increase their bid price.
  2. Process coupons easily.
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Keep your advertisers in the loop by providing automated reports.

  1. You can track impressions, unique visits, clicks and conversions.
  2. You can also pause and restart campaigns easily.
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Customize your ad zones to suit your needs.

  1. Trafficspaces supports CPM, CPC, and Pay-Per-Day (Sponsorship) models.
  2. Display 3rd party (ad network) ads. Just paste their ad tags and their ads will be swapped in when no self-service ads are available.
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Provide flexible pricing - auctions, discounts etc.

  1. You can set a fixed price or allow advertisers to bid up.
  2. Create rules for applying discounts.
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Maximize conversions by changing the color themes of text ads dynamically.

  1. Create great looking text ad themes or choose from the in-built library
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Personalize the system with your brand's colors and logo.

Create your own promo codes and stimulate advertising demand.

  1. You can create your own coupons easily and
  2. Set rules and limits on them.
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Show ads from multiple ad networks.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. AdBrite
  3. Tribal Fusion
  4. and lots more

Accept payments in your own currency.

  1. US Dollar
  2. Euro
  3. British Pound
  4. Japanese Yen
  5. and lots more

Translated into over 50 languages.

  1. Spanish
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  5. and lots more